Stations of the Cross


"Come, O Faithful, let us bow before the lifegiving cross on which Christ, the King of Glory, freely stretched out his hands.

...Filled with fear and awe, we embrace you. We glorify our God and we say: O Lord, you were nailed on the cross; in your goodness and love, have mercy on us. 

                                                                              -Ancient Christian Hymn

The stations of the cross is an ancient church practice that helps us to enter into the final moments of Christ's life. It is a journey that represents all of our journeys. As we step onto Christ's greatest sacrifice we engage and confront our own life so that we can become more like him. 

First:  Take your time. This is a spiritual journey and there is no need to rush it. Take as long as you need with each station and allow God to speak to you. This is between you and Christ. 

Second: Silence. Try and find a quiet place so that you can hear God speak.

Third: Before you begin, say the following prayer. 


Lord, you always went to your Father, seeking his will and obeying his word. You knew this night was coming long before others did because you sat, prayed and watched. May we watch with you. May we pray with you. May we enter into the way of the cross with you and fall with you before the feet of the Father and say with you, "Father not my will, but yours be done." As we journey, Help us to find you Lord so that we may lead others to you and to your cross. In your holy name we pray, amen. 

You will need: a rock, candle, band aid, bowl of water, sharpie, nail, 2 pieces of paper (one regular and one tissue paper if possible). You can also use a piece of fabric as a prayer cloth, if you would like.